Foreword & Acknowledgements


This history has been produced to document the fortunes and significant events in the life of the Lodge, partly as a matter of record and partly to enable existing and new members to be justly proud of their membership of such a venerable organization and of its traditions. The passage of time has unfortunately meant that the available information is largely limited to archive material only, but every effort has been made to ensure the key facts have been accurately recorded in a style which the reader will hopefully find easy to follow. The search will hopefully continue for further mementos and information to add to what, it is hoped, is a reasonably comprehensive and interesting account and the author will be delighted to hear from anyone who might feel able to add to the information thus far gathered.    


The author wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to various members of the Richard Collyer Lodge for their kind support and assistance; in particular to W.Bro. Richard Munnery who was the Lodge Secretary when the majority of the history was drafted and provided access to the records and assistance in checking and providing information; to W.Bros. Richard Beckwith, Robin Allen, Ralph Batchelor, Roy Christian, Jack Coombes, Alan Gorringe, Keith Hubbard-Brown, Terry King, Lance Nightingale, Jack Puttock,TonyReed-Brooke, Peter Simpson, Peter Ticehurst, Tom Tidy and John Worcester who have all kindly taken time to review the work as it has progressed and provide critical comment and additional information. The author tenders his apologies if all of their suggestions have not been incorporated herein. Thanks are also due to the Library and Museum staff at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London and to W.Bro.Reg Barrow, Curator of the Sussex Provincial Museum at Brighton for background information for the formation of the Lodge. Finally thanks to Lawrence Windwood, Nick Weller and the Committee of The Old Collyerians' Association for information on Collyer's from their archives. 

W.Bro. Rob Phillips                                                                         May 2006